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The goal of Dominion Electric is to save energy to the greatest extent as a starting point ,we retrofit traditional lighting to LED lighting , and we continuously work close with well-known global brands and international leading companies to design and produce high-quality LED products, which are widely used in residential buildings, commercial areas, parking lots, office buildings, industrial complexes and industrial plants.

Dominion electric professional installation team can tailor a solution that fits the needs of the project for each LED lighting solution, and work closely with users to ensure that our solutions exceed your expectations.

Modernizing facilities by upgrading to commercial LED lights will reduce energy consumption which leads to lower electric cost by over 60% and it will have a quick return on investment.

In order to be more energy efficient, we facilitate operation and reduce labor costs, Dominion Electric is well committed to research , development, and innovation in the field of intelligent lighting control systems. Using controlled lighting systems can save energy, reduce operating costs, extend the life of lamps , improve management levels ,and reduce maintenance costs.

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